Tuesday, May 24, 2011

COBI Provides the #1 MBA/EMBA Value in America

As an alumnus of UT COBI, you may already know that the UT  business school  offers the largest and  most preferred MBA and EMBA programs in this region, with unmatched value and flexibility that help you expand your skills and enhance your career trajectory.
Now is the perfect time for you to consider obtaining your MBA and to help spread the word about this remarkable program. 
Here are some key points to remember:
Executive MBA Unique Benefits:
Short, Focused Timeframe Just 15 months to complete your degree regardless of your undergraduate major, and all undergraduate majors from history to business and engineering are welcome in our program! You'll be busy during the 15 months, but you'll be proud of your accelerated career success upon graduation.
Position Yourself for Career Success — the UT EMBA program helps you develop the leadership skills and business acumen necessary to move ahead in your company or start your own business.
Community Business Involvement — Meet business leaders from the community through their active participation in our EMBA program.
Family Friendly Our new blended model combines onsite courses and video-conferenced distance learning sessions, enabling you to reap the benefits of an Executive MBA while going to class on-campus only two weekends per month.
International Study Trip Included The cost of traveling to and learning in an international environment is built into the program. You'll learn through a trip that combines company meetings, cultural immersion…and a dose of relaxation.
Relationship-Driven Program — develop lifelong friendships with classmates, mentoring relationships with faculty, and build a business network ready to help you in your career.
ROI Emerge from the EMBA program with skills to address issues at your employer or your own business as you work on projects of your choosing.

Professional MBA Unique Benefits:
Short, Focused Timeframe — students with an undergraduate degree in business can complete the Professional MBA program in only 12 months going to school full-time, or in two calendar years going part-time.
You Decide When to Start — UT is the only MBA program in Northwest Ohio that allows you to start an MBA in the fall, spring, or summer semester.
Flexibility — UT’s Professional MBA program allows students to complete the MBA program at their own pace utilizing both in-class and online courses. The entire program can be completed while working full-time.
Choice of Majors — the UT Professional MBA program offers 9 majors, more than any other MBA program in Northwest Ohio. You can major in fields such as Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, or Leadership, and you can choose electives in different disciplines.

To learn more about each of these MBA programs, contact Robert Detwiler at 419.530.2513 or email Robert.detwiler@utoledo.edu.

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