Thursday, December 22, 2011

COBI to offer MBA program through arrangement in Egypt

The University of Toledo College of Business and Innovation (COBI) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt to offer a joint Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree in Cairo.
The program will enable Egyptian students to obtain an MBA from UT without leaving Egypt. Consisting of 11 courses over 15 months, all of the classes will be conducted at the American Chamber’s Career Development Center in Cairo, Egypt.

“This cooperation will benefit both the Egyptian and American people by creating jobs, fostering innovation, and sending a message of confidence to the world that Egypt is a world-class destination for tourism and foreign investment,” said U.S. Ambassador Anne W. Patterson. “Moving forward, we are eager to work with the Egyptian government and the Egyptian people on more projects of mutual benefit to our two countries.”

“The UT College of Business and Innovation and the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt recognize that both business and academia need to effectively function in a true global community,” noted UT COBI Dean Thomas Gutteridge, who participated in the December 11 signing of the memorandum. “COBI seriously pursues its mission of developing lifelong, ethical business leaders of tomorrow, and this agreement further demonstrates how we strive to be the preferred learning partner for students and the business community worldwide.”

“Egyptian students are very anxious to improve their education, and this partnership is a major step, especially because COBI is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business international,” he added. “This will mean excellent preparation for better jobs, providing them a competitive advantage in a global marketplace.”

COBI currently provides an MBA program on-site in Cairo through an agreement signed in 2010 between The University of Toledo and the Sadat Academy for Management Sciences (SAMS). SAMS students are also obtaining bachelor’s degrees as a result of a 2009 agreement through which they undertake their first two years of study at SAMS, and then complete their coursework either at UT COBI, or through distance learning and classes taught by COBI faculty in Cairo. However, these agreements will be discontinued after the initial cohorts graduate.

COBI also offers MBA programs through agreements with Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics, China ; Humanitarian Academy in Kharkov, the Ukraine; and PSG Institutions, Coimbatore, India.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Employees recognized for completing professional development certificates

University of Toledo employees from both the main and Health Science campuses were recognized at a July 12 breakfast for their successful completion of a series of professional development certificates. UT President Dr. Lloyd Jacobs and College of Business and Innovation Dean Thomas Gutteridge presented the certificates of achievement.

“It was a great culmination of a full year of hard work for both students and the instructors,” noted Carrie Herr, Director, Executive Center for Global Competitiveness, College of Business and Innovation, which implemented the series. “This UT certificate ceremony recognized the accomplishments of the many employees who devoted a tremendous amount of time and study to pursue a learning journey that will directly benefit not only themselves, but our students and others served by the University.”

Courses, which were presented between September and June, were offered in three different certificate tracks: Managerial Finance and Budgeting (five courses), Leadership (eight courses) and Exceptional Customer Service (seven courses). While 45 people completed all of the courses necessary to earn one of the certificates, a total of 495 people enrolled in the courses.
Instructors included several COBI faculty members, UT administrators and other subject matter experts.

“As we go through turbulent times, people have to reinvent themselves and develop their skillsets. The people within a university will make or break the university’s success,” Gutteridge observed.

“COBI frequently talks about the importance of lifelong learning, and these certificate programs are what lifelong learning is really about. It is a marvelous thing for people to take advantage of the opportunities- - in a peer-to peer environment - - that exist. Their efforts advance the mission and vision of The University of Toledo. It personifies the focus of action learning, which is to apply what you learn in the real world, in your day to day job,” Gutteridge said.

This sentiment was echoed by Nancy Koerner, UT’s Director of Planned Giving, who completed both the Managerial Finance and Budgeting series as well as the Leadership series.

“We built relationships throughout these classes, and I now know people to call while working on certain projects,” Koerner said. “It was great to be involved with people from both the main and Health Science campuses throughout this series, because none of us functions in a silo. I’ve gained insight into how we are all inter-related and how one decision impacts the whole University.”

“This was an amazing opportunity offered to staff,” she added. “The University has invested back in their own people, and there have been immediate and long-term payoffs for the employees and for the divisions in which we work. I have utilized on a daily basis what we have learned in the classes.”
Reflective of their commitment to providing quality service, the entire staff of Rocket Solution Central completed one series.

“The staff of Rocket Solution Central is thankful to have been given the opportunity and support to participate in the Exceptional Customer Service Certificate program,” said Lisa Hasselschwert, Director. “Each session was presented in a professional, enthusiastic and well thought-out manner. Each series provided an opportunity to develop individual steps to implement the new skills into our daily interactions with customers.”

“Since we work with students, parents and others on a daily basis, we are always concerned about providing exceptional service,” Hasselschwert added. “This series allowed us to review techniques as well as learn new techniques to improve listening, communication and conflict resolution skills.
We will continue to incorporate these skills into our daily interactions with students as they seek our assistance with registration, financial aid and payment processes.”

Congratulations to all who successfully completed one or more of the certificate series: Managerial Finance and Budgeting: Gracie Brown, Diane Eisel, Aimee Falk, Christine Filzer, Duana Huggins, Nancy Koerner, Janice Kusowski, Kelly Manahan, Jacki McBee, Stephany Mikols, Sheryl Milz, Diana Raider, Gail Simpson, Lansing Stoll, David Walczak; Leadership: Diane Eisel, Ecole Eisenhard, Kim Govan, Reynaldo Guerra, Sadik Khuder, Nancy Koerner, Vickie Kuntz, Misa Mi, Roxanne Ring, Sherris Schwind, Carol Stamm, Rodney Theis, Joanna Tyson, Charles Williams; Exceptional Customer Service: Joe Bendix, Donna Buza, Bill Connolly, Debbra Cooper, Jennifer Dietsch, Tamika Dobbins, Charlene Hansen, Lisa Hasselschwert, Gerri Jacobs, Adelina Jaime, Elizabeth McKnight, Tenley Petersen, Lee Reany, Mary Schneider, Terrina White, Jason Woodward, Lisa Young

“Talent management is a very critical component for UT’s future success in today’s changing global marketplace,” Herr said. “I think everyone’s commitment to these certificates is a great milestone for UT.”

Dr. Longenecker keynote speaker at Heidelberg University Commencement

Clinton Longenecker, Ph.D., COBI professor of Management and Stranahan Professor of Leadership and Organizational Excellence, was the speaker at the 158th commencement ceremonies for Heidelberg University in Tiffin, Ohio. The title of the speech was “Life is…”