Friday, October 26, 2012

The University of Toledo College of Business and Innovation featured in The Princeton Review’s “Best 296 Business Schools: 2013 Edition”

The University of Toledo College of Business and Innovation (COBI) is an outstanding business school, according to the education services company The Princeton Review, which features the college in the new 2013 edition of its annual guidebook, "The Best 296 Business Schools"

 According to Robert Franek, Princeton Review Senior VP-Publisher, "We consider the UT College of Business and Innovation one of the best institutions a student could attend to earn an MBA. We selected the schools we profile in this book – 280 of which are in the U.S.A. and 16 are international -- based on our high regard for their academic programs and our reviews of institutional data we collect from the schools. We also solicit and greatly respect the opinions of students attending these schools who rate and report on their experiences at them on our 80-question survey for the book."

The Princeton Review stated their survey showed COBI provides a “solid preparation in general management and doing business in a global economy.”

“UT and the College of Business and Innovation are very excited at this continuing recognition by The Princeton Review of the quality and relevance of our MBA programs,” noted Dr. Thomas Sharkey, COBI’s Interim Dean. “This validates the quality of our faculty, the significance of our curriculum and the excellence of our students.”

Dr. Anand Kunnathur, Senior Executive Associate Dean, COBI, observed, “Our inclusion in this select group is a seal of quality for our degree programs. It elevates the value of degrees received, leads to increased enrollment of high quality students, and enhances the qualifications of alumni. Furthermore, it benefits businesses nationwide by providing them with highly qualified graduates who become superb employees.”

In the profile the Princeton Review editors describe the school as “Offering a good education at a very competitive price with convenient scheduling.  The College of Business and Innovation at The University of Toledo fits the needs of area businesspeople in search of a quality MBA.”

“UT distinguishes its MBA program with a number of cutting-edge concentrations,” the listing states. “Students here may specialize in CRM and marketing intelligence, human resource
management, information systems, operations and supply chain management, and professional
sales as well as in the more traditional areas of administration, finance, international
business, and marketing.”

One student in the listing commented, “Receiving individual attention is a norm, be it in the Advising Office or from a professor.”

Another student stated, “The program is very accommodating toward people who work full-time. The majority of classes are taught at night, so I have been able to continue to work full-time while taking one or two classes at night.”

The Princeton Review's survey asked 19,000 students at the 296 schools their opinions of their school's academics, student body and campus life as well as about themselves and their career plans. The Princeton Review does not rank the schools in the book on a single hierarchical list from 1 to 296, or name one business school best overall.

UT COBI faculty member could become global business professor of the year

Dr. Clint Longenecker, Stranahan Professor of Leadership and Business Excellence in the College of Business and Innovation at The University of Toledo, has been nominated to win the Economist Intelligence Unit Business Professor of the Year.

 The award, presented by The Economist and sponsored by Hult International Business School, was created to find and recognize the best business professor in the world. A group of Longenecker’s former students nominated him, and other current and previous students began voting on Tuesday, October 23.

Longenecker, a graduate of UT, has been a faculty member here for more than 30 years. During his career, he has received more than 40 awards for his outstanding leadership, teaching, research and service to the community.

“Not only is he a great teacher, but he really cares about his students,” said Laura Brady, a graduate student at UT and a former student of Longenecker. “He’s always available whenever students have problems in the classroom or in their personal life. He is always there to talk, give advice or help his students find jobs or internships.”

Longenecker has held seminars and lectures all over the world, teaching a variety of pupils. He has given lectures in Russia, Haiti, Zimbabwe, Barbados and Hungary, as well as delivered seminars to members of the United States military.

“What’s unique about Clint is his ability to connect with students,” said Trent Miller, a graduate student at UT and another former student of Longenecker. “In the first class session I had with him last Spring, the class was from 7:30 to 9:50 p.m. As people walked into the room, they introduced themselves, and by nine o’clock he had everyone’s names memorized.”

Current and former students as well as alums can vote for Dr. Longenecker by completing a form online. Once a vote is cast, it must be verified via email before the deadline at 1 p.m. on Friday, November 23.

The 10 professors who receive the most votes will make it on a long list, along with five other professors selected by the judges so professors at larger universities do not have an advantage. From these 15 professors, four will be chosen by the judges to compete in a live teach-off.

For the teach-off, the top four will be flown to London where they will present a short lecture to a live classroom audience and online. The presentation will be on a topic of their choice, and at the end viewers will vote and the winner, who will receive the title of EIU Business Professor of the Year as well as $100,000, will be announced live.

For more information on the award or to vote for Longenecker, visit

UT establishes School of Healthcare Business Innovation and Excellence

With a goal of enhancing the business of healthcare in Northwest Ohio and beyond, The University of Toledo has established the School of Healthcare Business Innovation and Excellence (SHBIE).

“Tremendous advances in healthcare have been achieved through a variety of activities, such as new medications, breakthrough surgical procedures, medical devices, high-tech diagnostic equipment, innovative treatments, and progressive approaches to delivering care” noted David Dobrzykowski, Ph.D., Director of the School. “There are additional opportunities to significantly improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of healthcare by understanding and improving the business aspects of healthcare. We can further enhance the quality of healthcare while eliminating waste, increasing productivity, and reducing costs.”

The UT College of Business and Innovation (COBI) in partnership with the College of Medicine and Life Sciences have taken a leadership role in establishing the new school.

“Utilizing interdisciplinary expertise from a variety of business fields, including finance, management, information technology, operations management, process improvement, marketing and more, the faculty of the UT College of Business are ready to help you and your medical team enhance your operations and achieve your business goals,” explained COBI Interim Dean Thomas Sharkey.

“Through research, community engagement, and educational endeavors, this School serves as a premier resource for directly impacting quality healthcare delivery,” he added.

Dr. Jeffrey P. Gold, Dean of the College of Medicine and Life Sciences (COMLS), said the College’s participation in establishing and supporting the School of Healthcare Business Innovation and Excellence is a natural extension of its longstanding mission.

“The UT College of Medicine and Life Sciences is a world-class educational institution for those interested in becoming physicians.  We do an excellent job providing students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to practice medicine in a wide diversity of communities. It is becoming increasingly important that that education must include components of the business of healthcare,” Dr. Gold said.  “Working with the UT College of Business and Innovation we believe we can help prepare tomorrow’s physicians to best serve their patients, not only by providing the best medical care, but by practicing optimal business practices.”

“SHBIE is also for administrators, nurses, therapists, professionals working in hospitals and non-profit organizations, and others working in the healthcare field,” he added. “We know that we can play a pivotal role in enhancing care, not just in Northwest Ohio, but throughout the United States and beyond.”

As the School expands, other UT colleges and programs may become involved, such as COBI’s Executive Center for Global Competiveness, University of Toledo Medical Center, Judith Herb College of Education and Health Sciences and Human Service, and the Colleges of Engineering, Law, Nursing and Pharmacy.

“Establishing the School of Healthcare Business Innovation and Excellence is a timely and relevant step for The University of Toledo,” noted Dr. Lloyd Jacobs, UT President. “The healthcare arena is experiencing tremendous change on many fronts, and it is appropriate that UT brings its information and expertise into the community to benefit all involved. Collaborative efforts with healthcare providers, business leaders, government policy makers, and others will produce breakthrough enhancements that increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and, ultimately, provide better, more patient centered care.”

“Furthermore, the School will partner with businesses and organizations beyond the University, such as healthcare providers, labor unions, governments, business and economic development agencies and insurance providers which will provide direction for educational, research and outreach programs,” Dr. Jacobs added.

A variety of undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs focused on skill development at the intersection of healthcare and business are available through the School. Contact Dr. David Dobrzykowski at 419.530.2342, or visit their website at

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dr. Gutteridge assumes leadership role in Provost’s Office

As Dr. Scott Scarborough, provost and executive vice president for academic affairs at The University of Toledo, implements a new vision for the Office of the Provost, he’s looking to a familiar face to help lead the transition.

Dr. Tom Gutteridge, who has served as the dean of the College of Business and Innovation since 2003, has assumed the role of senior vice provost and dean of academic administration.
“Tom has long been a leader among our deans, helping to shape the future of our university through his service as co-chair of the committee that developed the institution’s strategic plan,” Scarborough said. “Now we are hoping that he can help us pull together a new, strategic vision for academic affairs.”
“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside Scott as he works to re-tool the Office of the Provost by blending our commitment to academic excellence with a passion for student-centeredness,” Gutteridge said. “This role will provide me with the opportunity to continue working with my fellow deans to advance the University’s mission, while keeping me connected to the college that I am so proud to have led for these past nine years.”
Dr. Tom Sharkey, associate professor and director of the Global Business Development Institute, is serving as interim dean of the College of Business and Innovation.
“The College of Business and Innovation is among the finest in the nation,” Scarborough said. “I am confident that Dr. Sharkey will help us continue to grow its reputation of distinction.”
A search for a new COBI dean is underway.

Career recruiting events play key role in job placement success rates for UT College of Business students

In this presidential election year, perhaps the only thing both sides agree on is the importance of jobs for Americans in this still challenging economy.
The issue of jobs for its graduates is not an election-driven concern at The University of Toledo College of Business and Innovation, where they have achieved remarkable results, even in today’s economy. Year after year the college is able to assist about 85% of its students to secure employment upon graduation.
One tool successfully used by the UT College of Business for its students is to host semi-annual job fairs, the fall event being Friday, September 28, 1 to 4 p.m. in the UT Student Union, where 95 companies - - including Chrysler, Eaton Corporation, Owens-Corning, Ernst & Young, Whirlpool, Goodyear Tire & Rubber and Kraft - - will participate. Employers will be looking for students to participate in business internship programs as well as for seniors and graduates seeking full-time employment. 
Owens Corning recruits at the University of Toledo to find extraordinary talent,” noted Otto Steele, Roofing Sales and Operations Planning Process Leader at Owens Corning. “Each year, the University of Toledo provides Owens Corning with future leaders for our company.  Owens Corning is fortunate to have the University of Toledo in our community and we are delighted to continue our relationship with UT.”
Marte Salmi, manager of IT at Eaton Corporation, said Eaton has consistently recruited at The University of Toledo - - one of nine campuses across the Midwest - - for both internships and full-time positions since 2005.  “We recruit at UT because of our involvement with the University;  the locality,  since the majority of assignments are in the Midwest; and because of the students themselves, because there is a lot of great talent.”
“The fact that so many well-known companies are coming to UT COBI to find the talent they need reflects very positively on the quality of both our programs and our students,” noted Terribeth Gordon-Moore, Senior Associate Dean, UT College of Business and Innovation. “It also demonstrates the extremely dynamic and mutually beneficial relationship enjoyed by COBI and the business community.”
 “This semi-annual job fair is part of what we do to prepare our students for their futures,” she explained, adding that the college’s Business Career Programs office works year round to assist students in acquiring internships and jobs upon graduation.  “We strive to provide the necessary resources so our students can conduct their own tailored job searches.”
COBI’s Edward Schmidt School of Professional Sales is hosting its 8th annual Networking Night on October 23, where 38 companies - -including 3M, Automatic Data Processing, SSOE, Hilti and the Ed Schmidt Auto Group - - will meet COBI’s talented professional sales students.  Additional companies are willing to be on a waiting list for the opportunity to reach the COBI’s sales students.
“Networking Night is designed to be more intimate than a typical career fair,” noted Dr. Ellen Pullins, Director of the Edward H. Schmidt School of Professional Sales (ESSPS). “This career recruiting event offers students the chance to learn how to navigate in a social and networking environment.”
Brad Carson, Base Market Manager at Hilti, said, “I get most of my top sales talent at The University of Toledo. The students are such a good fit and field ready, and the sales faculty and staff team are dedicated to seeing the students and Hilti succeed.”
“The Edward Schmidt School of Professional Sales is consistently recognized as one of the top sales programs in the United States,” Pullins said. “Our students are always in high demand and are being successfully placed. In fact, our career placement rate is approaching 100%, which is a particularly significant achievement given recent economic conditions.  Demand has been strong throughout the entire economic downturn, and it is getting more intense. ”

A study by the Sales Education Foundation (SEF) reported that firms are deliberately seeking out professional sales students because they “ramp up 50% faster” than non sales-educated peers, experience less turnover, and actually save money for employers.

In terms of the job outlook, the opportunities for sales professionals are increasing, with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting up to a 43% growth in the field within the next ten years.

Pullins explained that among the benefits provided within professional sales education are the use of role playing and simulations which offer hands-on training; internships which build competence and confidence; and a faculty with sales experience providing knowledgeable guidance.

“ESSPS is very engaged with the business community, as is the entire UT College of Business and Innovation,” Pullins said. “We see that firms are ready to hire, and we are here to help them achieve their goals while preparing our students for great success in the field of professional sales.”

UT Business professor named Fulbright Scholar, will conduct research in Ukraine

Iryna Pentina, Ph.D., assistant professor of marketing in The University of Toledo College of Business and Innovation, has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant to lecture and conduct research at the International  Solomon University’s Eastern Ukrainian Branch. This serial grant will allow Dr. Pentina to travel to Ukraine in May-June of 2013 for the first, qualitative, stage of her research project, and then in May-June of 2014 for its final, experimental stage.
“I am very excited and honored to receive this distinguished scholarship,” Pentina said. “In our ‘borderless’ economic environment, the discipline of marketing has increasingly focused on developing the body of knowledge based on international empirical findings. I anticipate that my work in the Ukraine will contribute to a better understanding of the institutional and cultural contexts for consumer decision making in emerging economies.”
Pentina will collaborate with Dr. Uliya Ukis, President of the International Solomon University and an economics professor. “Our research will test existing theories of individual and group decision-making in the culture transitioning from inter-dependent to individualistic personal identities and evaluate potential moderating roles of institutions and culture on consumer behavior. We will also study the specifics of emerging online marketing communications tools (e.g. social media and electronic word-of-mouth) in affecting online consumer behavior in the Ukraine.”
“The specific qualifiers of Ukraine consumers, as well as their consumption practices, deserve very close investigation as the Ukraine is gradually entering the global marketplace,” Pentina explained. “Boasting a high level of education and literacy, with great interest and involvement of the population in the Internet communities, the Ukraine represents an ideal context to study.”
The principal purpose of the Fulbright Program is to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of more than 150 countries that currently participate in the Fulbright Program.
The announcement was made by the J William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board and the United States Department of State. Pentina is one of approximately 1,100 U.S. faculty and professionals who will travel abroad through the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program in 2012-2013.
The Fulbright Program is a premier international educational exchange program sponsored by the United States government.  The primary source of funding for the Fulbright Program is an annual appropriation made by the U.S. Congress to the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.
Recipients of Fulbright grants are selected on the basis of academic or professional achievement as well as demonstrated leadership potential in their fields.
“We congratulate Dr. Pentina on her outstanding personal and professional achievement of being selected a Fulbright Scholar,” said COBI Dean Thomas Gutteridge. “It is a testimony to her commitment to the teaching/research profession and her dedication to personal lifelong learning which benefits both her students and her academic colleagues.”

Third annual IE Challenge awards cash for eight business plans

The winners of the third annual University of Toledo IE Challenge Business Plan Competition were announced on Tuesday, December 4 in the PNC Entreprenuership Lab in the Savage & Associates Complex for Business Learning and Engagement in the College of Business and Innovation.

“We congratulate all 26 entrants for the extremely high quality proposals they submitted,” noted Richard Stansley, Jr., UT Innovation Enterprises. “These technologically innovative ideas clearly demonstrate creative thinking within the UT campus, which is exactly what this competition strives to foster. We are pleased to see the IE Challenge Business Plan competition, now in its third year, continue to become a critical step in developing an innovation system that includes the proper infrastructure and business tools to foster the creation of legitimate new products and services.”

“We believe the carefully conceived business ideas which won this year’s competition form a solid foundation on which these entrepreneurs can build successful businesses,” said Dr. Sonny Ariss, UT College of Business and Innovation (COBI) said. “The College of Business and Innovation is pleased to have coordinated judging of these entries and stands ready to offer guidance to help these teams emerge beyond the University into the community. We want to see these ideas and business plans effectively implemented, creating jobs and enhancing the economic growth of the region.”
The winning proposals, the entrant’s name and a brief description of the winning entries are:
First Place Winner ($10,000) is Slide Off Hangers (Kyle Wasserman and Kyle Keiser) - A unique hanger design that minimizes damage or stretching when removing shirts.  

Second Place Winner ($5,000) is Heart Pacing Wire (Mohammad Elahinia)A minimally invasive nitinol temporary epicardial pacing wire used in the removal of heart sutures.

PNC Bank Award ($2,000) is LabelED (Travis Gerrard) – An application study tool that enables students and faculty to interact with images via labeling and attaching notes and audio.

Honorable Mention ($500)

·         KLOAK Industries (Kelsie Moeller, Lorraine Walters, Oreanna Thomas, Alton Phillips and Kelsey Ranley) – A comprehensive and interactive pharmaceutical database application that makes identifying medications easy through photo recognition.

·         FI-EMF Anti-Fouling Technology (Dong-Shik Kim) – An innovative approach to the prevention of bio-fouling on solid surfaces using natural anti-fouling material.

·         Behavior Therapy App (Cathy Shaffer) – A personal software application (PSA) designed to assist patients in psychology counseling relative to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

·         Genius Student Planner (John Doncaster) – An organizational program that enables students to more effectively manage their daily activities.

·         MyTripPic (Josh Baltzell, Purnaansh Gunaicha and Scott Stocker) – A business to connect people on vacation with local professional photographers to capture their photos in once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Entries for the third IE Challenge Business Plan Competition were due in October. Finalists made an oral presentation about their businesses to a panel of judges on November 3. Prize money is awarded to the newly formed business entity, not to the individuals.

Furthermore, winners of the first Northwest Ohio Innovation Challenge were also announced on December 4.  Sponsored by INCENU, Rocket Ventures and Ohio’s IT Alliance, and in conjunction with the UT College of Business and Innovation, it was open to individuals and businesses throughout Northwest Ohio. The winners were:

First place ($5,000) PhotoTwine (Aaron Harwell and Jon Hawker) – A mobile application and easy-to-use photo stand for weddings and other events to share pictures and albums in real time.

Second place ($3,000) Bordo Tasters Tablet (Nicholas Kubiak and Lindsey Danforth) – An ergonomically designed board that allows users to carry a stemmed wine glass and a notebook simultaneously.

Third place ($2,000) Rxpectations (Geoffrey Mospan, Valerie Householder, Cindy Puffer and Rachel Rocha) – A medication therapy management (MTM) service that will improve the way medications are used.