Friday, October 26, 2012

UT establishes School of Healthcare Business Innovation and Excellence

With a goal of enhancing the business of healthcare in Northwest Ohio and beyond, The University of Toledo has established the School of Healthcare Business Innovation and Excellence (SHBIE).

“Tremendous advances in healthcare have been achieved through a variety of activities, such as new medications, breakthrough surgical procedures, medical devices, high-tech diagnostic equipment, innovative treatments, and progressive approaches to delivering care” noted David Dobrzykowski, Ph.D., Director of the School. “There are additional opportunities to significantly improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of healthcare by understanding and improving the business aspects of healthcare. We can further enhance the quality of healthcare while eliminating waste, increasing productivity, and reducing costs.”

The UT College of Business and Innovation (COBI) in partnership with the College of Medicine and Life Sciences have taken a leadership role in establishing the new school.

“Utilizing interdisciplinary expertise from a variety of business fields, including finance, management, information technology, operations management, process improvement, marketing and more, the faculty of the UT College of Business are ready to help you and your medical team enhance your operations and achieve your business goals,” explained COBI Interim Dean Thomas Sharkey.

“Through research, community engagement, and educational endeavors, this School serves as a premier resource for directly impacting quality healthcare delivery,” he added.

Dr. Jeffrey P. Gold, Dean of the College of Medicine and Life Sciences (COMLS), said the College’s participation in establishing and supporting the School of Healthcare Business Innovation and Excellence is a natural extension of its longstanding mission.

“The UT College of Medicine and Life Sciences is a world-class educational institution for those interested in becoming physicians.  We do an excellent job providing students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to practice medicine in a wide diversity of communities. It is becoming increasingly important that that education must include components of the business of healthcare,” Dr. Gold said.  “Working with the UT College of Business and Innovation we believe we can help prepare tomorrow’s physicians to best serve their patients, not only by providing the best medical care, but by practicing optimal business practices.”

“SHBIE is also for administrators, nurses, therapists, professionals working in hospitals and non-profit organizations, and others working in the healthcare field,” he added. “We know that we can play a pivotal role in enhancing care, not just in Northwest Ohio, but throughout the United States and beyond.”

As the School expands, other UT colleges and programs may become involved, such as COBI’s Executive Center for Global Competiveness, University of Toledo Medical Center, Judith Herb College of Education and Health Sciences and Human Service, and the Colleges of Engineering, Law, Nursing and Pharmacy.

“Establishing the School of Healthcare Business Innovation and Excellence is a timely and relevant step for The University of Toledo,” noted Dr. Lloyd Jacobs, UT President. “The healthcare arena is experiencing tremendous change on many fronts, and it is appropriate that UT brings its information and expertise into the community to benefit all involved. Collaborative efforts with healthcare providers, business leaders, government policy makers, and others will produce breakthrough enhancements that increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and, ultimately, provide better, more patient centered care.”

“Furthermore, the School will partner with businesses and organizations beyond the University, such as healthcare providers, labor unions, governments, business and economic development agencies and insurance providers which will provide direction for educational, research and outreach programs,” Dr. Jacobs added.

A variety of undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs focused on skill development at the intersection of healthcare and business are available through the School. Contact Dr. David Dobrzykowski at 419.530.2342, or visit their website at

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