Friday, May 20, 2011

Helpful lessons provided for Got A Minute? moments

If a co-worker asks if you’ve “Got a minute?” chances are good that the ensuing conversation will take several.
If you are in management or human resources, chances are even greater that you will need to take some action when the conversation is over.
Offering guidance for many of these situations is a new book appropriately entitled, Got A Minute?  The Nine Lessons Every HR Professional Must Learn.  The book provides lessons every human resource professional needs to be successful.
“This book is about mistakes, challenges, and the day-to-day frustrations faced by HR professionals in organizations everywhere,” noted Dr. Dale J. Dwyer, professor of management and former chair of the Department of Management at The University of Toledo, co-author of Got a Minute? with Sheri A. Caldwell, HR professional and an adjunct professor at The University of Toledo. “Sometimes by focusing on the misstep, it is easier to teach people how to avoid it.”
Real-life, often humorous, stories across a broad range of issues fill the book.  One story concerns an employee who called in to say, “I can’t come in today because the lady at the end of the road just hung her wash out to dry, and I don’t want to drive down the road and cause dust  so she’ll have to do her wash again.”
Another story quotes a man just offered a job who asks about his new coworkers, “How many are single women? I’m looking for a wife.”
Other incidents described are embarrassing, poignant, and inspiring.
“Many of the true incidents relayed in the book are funny, but every story offers a useful lesson for life in the everyday work world,” Dwyer said.  Issues addressed include substance abuse, invasion of privacy, culture clashes, sexual issues, job terminations, and more.
Each chapter summarizes key messages through “Helpful Tips” and specific steps to achieve results are detailed throughout the book.
Got A Minute? The Nine Lessons Every HR Professional Must Learn is published by the Society for Human Resource Management and is available at their website,

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