Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CPA exam pass rates for UT COBI graduates exceed state and national averages

Individuals who want to be certified public accountants know that preparation for the CPA exam is of paramount importance. Where you study is essential, and the higher the pass rate by graduates at a particular college, the better.
That is why it is important that UT accounting students are enrolled at a College with a proven track record of its graduates successfully passing the CPA exam. 
According to the recently released report (for 2009) from the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), The University of Toledo College of Business and Innovation (UT COBI) graduates passed the CPA exam at rates exceeding both state and national averages.
Comparing the percentage of college graduates who passed all four parts of the CPA exam reveals:
                                                    Candidates with                                 All candidates
                                                   advanced degrees                                  with degrees
Across the United States:            38.21%                                          32.93%
Across Ohio:                                      43.08%                                          37.54%
UT COBI students:                           58.62%                                          40.91%

 “Our Masters of Science in Accounting (MSA) students did particularly well,” noted Dr. Donald Saftner, Chair, Department of Accounting at UT COBI. “Considering the auditing part of the exam, UT is ranked in the top ten schools nationally in pass rates among first-time candidates with advanced degrees.  Considering all four parts of the exam, advanced degree CPA candidates from UT COBI had a higher passing percentage than advanced degree candidates from all but two of the other 15 Ohio schools listed by NASBA”
“These results are a clear and powerful indication of the high caliber of our accounting programs, our dedicated faculty and the application of our students to achieve this important goal,” Dr. Saftner said. 

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