Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Recent COBI professional sales grad receives prestigious award quickly on new job

Recognition for doing a great job is something most employees greatly appreciate.

For John White, who majored in professional sales and marketing at COBI, one significant employer award did not take long for him to achieve.

White graduated from UT COBI in December, 2015, was hired at Federated Insurance and entered their 8-month training program in Minnesota in February, 2016. Upon completion, he took his first field position in Northeast Ohio last September.  

John White
Within his first 90 days, he won the company’s sought-after Monthly Leadership Council award.

“I am so proud of John and his early efforts,” noted Tim Frecker, Federated’s District Marketing Manager, Northern Ohio. “This is a big deal as only two marketing representatives out of almost 60 win this award.  For John to do it in his first 60-90 days in the field is simply remarkable, particularly in a business-to-business, outside sales role.” 

“It was awesome to see all the work I have been putting in come to fruition,” White said.  “The award was given to me in December, but it was earned in the three months prior when I was out making calls and working 65 hour weeks. Monthly Leadership Council is an award given out once a month to the top two performing marketing representatives in each region across the country, so it is a huge honor to be recognized.  All the reward did for me was make me even more hungry.  Now not only do I know I am capable of being at the top, but I have set a standard for myself in the eyes of my peers and my management team to do great things.”

White said the best part about his career is the culture at Federated. 

“Federated is hands down the most competitive environment I have ever been a part of.  As soon as I roll out of bed in the morning I can’t wait to get out the door and go make an impact,” he said.  “I believe so much in the product we sell, and I know my counterparts across the country feel the same way, no matter the territory.  Federated has so many different ways of rewarding their marketing representatives that you sometimes lose track.  Our leadership team does an outstanding job of keeping us motivated to grow our book of business and reach our company incentives, and once you reach those goals you are rewarded in the biggest of ways.  Once you get in here, you simply don’t want to leave.”

“Along with the financial rewards, this position allows the employee the most flexibility and freedom,” he explained. “I absolutely love the position I am in. My focus is on hitting my annual goals and earning recognition within the company, so that is what is next for me.”

“I came to UT as a journalism major in August, 2011,” White recalled.  “I sat down with my parents one evening over winter break during my sophomore year and we talked about the job outlook for a journalism major from UT, and I immediately changed my major to sales and marketing.  When I enrolled in the College of Business, I was unaware of how prestigious our sales program was.  I was fortunate enough to have a good group of friends around me and they turned me on to Pi Sigma Epsilon, the school’s sales and marketing fraternity.  PSE had an immediate impact on me, and had it not been for that organization I would not be where I am today.  Being able to see the amount of success that flowed out of that program made me realize that I was in the right spot, and sales was going to be the right fit for me.”

“The best thing COBI did for me was give me exposure to hundreds of companies and recruiters through career fairs, mock interviews, sales competitions, class speakers and more,” White said.  “Deirdre Jones and her team do a phenomenal job of networking to market their ‘product,’ which is you as the student.  The amount of opportunities that are available to you at COBI are astronomical, and you would be foolish to not go out and make them work.  Being able to travel the country and compete in competitions for UT and Pi Sigma Epsilon gave me a confidence about my craft that is extremely necessary in order to be effective out here in the real world.”

“John’s outstanding work ethic and his quick response to coaching have him off to a blazing start,” Frecker said. “Myself and Federated are so thankful to Deirde Jones and all other faculty of the COBI marketing and professional sales program for developing winners like John.” 

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