Friday, October 23, 2015

Longenecker one of five professors featured on the first Business Skills DVD from The Great Courses

Dr. Clint Longenecker, Stranahan Distinguished University Professor and Director of the Center for Leadership and Organizational Excellence in the UT College of Business and Innovation, is one of five business professors from top US business schools  featured in the recently released  Critical Business Skills for Success Lecture Series published by The Great Courses.

For 25 years, The Great Courses has been publishing audios, videos, CDs and DVD’s featuring the world’s best professors on topics in the fields of science, mathematics, history, fine arts, music, religion, philosophy, literature, finance and more. Ryan Davis, a recruiter from the Great Courses stated, “The Great Courses selects only the top 1% of professor in the world to share their knowledge with our world-wide customer base of adult learners.”
Dr. Clint Longenecker
“Everyone wants to know: What does it take to reach success in business, the kind of success that lasts? It all comes down to a solid grasp of the fundamentals of business—the same kind that are taught to MBA students in many of the world's most prestigious business schools, including our own,” Longenecker said.

The comprehensive Great Courses five-part, 60-lecture course, Critical Business Skills for Success, is designed to give people this kind of integrated, accessible introduction. Each of the Critical Business Skills for Success course's five parts is a detailed look at a particular skill: strategy, operations, finance and accounting, organizational behavior, and marketing     Longenecker’s sections are focuses on Organizational Behavior and High Performance Leadership.

“The Great Courses Series has an exceptional   following among life-long learners  as they draw talent from the best schools from around the world,” Longenecker said. “Their lecture series are developed with amazing professors from universities such as Harvard, Michigan, Yale, Duke, Ohio State, UCLA, Emory and others. To have The University of Toledo included in these circles in a series with worldwide distribution is a wonderful thing.”

“I also think that the ideas shared in Great Courses programs are more powerful  than ideas being included in a book, primarily because of the reach and the powerful learning associated with great and dynamic lectures and with these topics being available on DVDs, CDs, streaming,” Longenecker said. The lectures were recorded late last year and the Critical Business Skills Series was released world-wide in the spring of 2015.

“This kind of well-rounded business education is useful to anyone who works in a company of any size,” said Longenecker, who was named by The Economist as one of the top 15 business professors in the world.”

The CD and DVD versions include, 60 lectures, a 496-page printed course guidebook, and a downloadable PDF of the course guidebook. The program is available at

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