Thursday, August 13, 2015

UT alumna directs COBI's new Graduate Programs office

In addition to 2,500 undergraduates working on their bachelor's degree in The University of Toledo College of Business and Innovation, there are also some 500 students working on their graduate degrees who have just acquired a new mentor and advocate with the arrival of Dr.  Rosalinda Dunlap as Director of the new Graduate Programs office in the College of Business and Innovation.

"We have a wonderful program, and we have great opportunities," Dr. Dunlap said. "My mission is to grow enrollment, retain - - and graduate - - students. I intend to build on the strong foundation COBI already has and lead the college to new levels of Graduate Programs growth."

Dr. Rosalinda Dunlap
"I myself am a UT alumna, having earned my Ph.D. in higher education administration from UT, and also my Master's degree from UT in educational technology with an emphasis on human resource administration" she said. "I had such a wonderful experience at UT that I want to take that and share it with current and future graduate students to take them to the next level of their educational experience.”

"When I came back to this campus and saw some of the same classrooms I sat in, I just felt this warmth; it was emotional. I know what graduate students go through, and I know that I can help enhance their experience to make their educational journey at UT a positive and memorable one.”

"COBI currently offers various concentrations within the MBA program, including finance, human resource management, information systems, international business, leadership, marketing and operations management," she explained.  "I've taught and developed curriculum in healthcare administration at the graduate level, and I would like to add that to our other current concentrations so prospective students can advance their career in healthcare administration if they choose to.  I feel several of our current and future healthcare professionals would benefit from earning an MBA with a healthcare concentration if they chose to further their careers into administration.”

Dr. Dunlap said she would also focus on working with other UT colleges, such as engineering, pharmacy and law, for a dual degree program, and how we can help them get that degree.

"I also want to utilize our alumni to be a part of our classes, to have them meet regularly and to celebrate their successes," she said.

As a professor, Dr. Dunlap received various awards, including the Top 3 Faculty Recognition Award, the Faculty Teaching Excellence Award, and the Webbie Award for outstanding teaching, dedication and service to students. She explained that her more than 20 years of experience in higher education administration, as an MBA professor, human resource administrator and corporate trainer have prepared her well for the exciting opportunity at COBI.

"I have extensive knowledge in curriculum development and online education at the graduate level of instruction, and my experience is closely aligned with both COBI's and UT's goals of UT increasing enrollment and graduation rates while building advanced graduate programs. Furthermore, as an academic dean, I was responsible for programs in 18 disciplines, managed a substantial budget, supervised faculty, program directors, chairs and staff."

Dr. Dunlap has been a member of the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education, the Society of Human Resource Management, the Northwest Ohio Human Resource Association and the Toledo Area Chamber of Commerce, as well as several other professional organizations. She has also published a book on career professionalism and published her dissertation on "The relationship between policies, practices and institutional trends in the awarding of doctoral degrees to Hispanic students."

Other individuals serving students in the new COBI Graduate Programs office are Darlene Howard, assistant director; Stacy Jenkins, advisor; and Carol Stamm, career placement coordinator.

"I am particularly excited about working on COBI's accelerated Executive MBA program, which enables working professionals to complete their EMBA in just 12 months," Dr. Dunlap said.  "It also provides executive coaching by experienced professionals to further ensure students' success. That is both innovative and fantastic!"

Enrollment is now underway for the next Executive MBA cohort, which will begin in October.

When speaking with graduated MBA and EMBA students, Dr. Dunlap said she frequently hears, "'Without my Executive MBA, I would not have gotten the job I wanted.' This is a true testament to the wonderful graduate programs offered in COBI."

Born and raised in Perrysburg, Ohio, Dr. Dunlap said, "Fun time is family time," including time spent with her children and grandchildren, and that she also enjoys activities such as whale watching and swimming with the dolphins.

"I am excited and looking forward to be working with the staff in our newly developed Graduate Programs office, the COBI faculty and staff, and the entire UT community," Dr. Dunlap said. "I will strive to provide solid leadership and direction to the Graduate Programs office as we continue to educate the next generation of business graduate students."

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