Wednesday, February 4, 2015

COBI professor and student take part in International Consumer Electronics Show

The annual International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) attracted more than 170,000 people who thrive on the business of consumer technology to Las Vegas from January 6 - 9, 2014.  Companies from McDonalds to Walt Disney, Google to Intel to Ford and beyond were all part of the show, taking in the latest from more than 3,600 exhibitors within 2.2 million sq. ft. of space. They learned about 3D printers, life-saving body monitoring systems, mobile devices, connected homes and more.

Despite the massive amount of people attending, you have to be credentialed to get in, something that does not happen for many college professors, and for even fewer college students.

Yet the UT College of Business and Innovation was represented at the show by Dr. Seth Powless, Department of Information Operations & Technology Management, and Tim Moore, a COBI freshman.

COBI freshman Tim Moore and Professor Seth Powless show momentos of their participation
in the International Consumer Electronics Show, including a digital chip within a plastic
building block and an MIP robot which can talk, dance and be used for security purposes.  
Moore works in the college's IT department, helps with the college's annual summer Technology Camp for high school students, has his own technology blog (, and even his own company, Razelle Technologies, which he said  "is proud to be at the cutting edge of technology, and we will forever provide services that make human life simpler and easier."

"It was interesting to see ways to incorporate different ideas and talking business with other companies, both from the marketing and IS sides" Moore said.

He added that "the coolest thing I saw at CES was a BMW that could drive itself."

Moore and Powless both said attending CES enables them to share information and ideas with COBI IOTM students who plan on making their careers within technology and business.

"Furthermore," Powless said, "now that we have attended, we will be able to go back to CES next year, in hopes of partnering with some companies. That could be a huge opportunity for the 'College of Innovation.' "

COBI students and alumni interested in more information about CES can email or

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